Full Circle - Slowing Down

This last week was mostly spent home sick. Boo-hoo. I have to say, the beginning of a new year is usually when I'm feeling extra-super motivated to start next projects and simply make things happen, so taking a whole week (five days) to slow down and simply care for myself was sort of going against a lot of the cells in my body. Mainly the brain cells. I drank pots and pots of herbal chai, laid around a lot, and actually managed to finish a weaving project. 

Below, is the piece I finished. I'm really really proud of her. I named her "Harvest" in honor of the harvesting that I feel like I am doing in a way in my life. I feel like this year is about harvesting the good that has come from a lot of the hard work I've put into Tangleweeds the last five years and harnessing it to fully realize my dreams. . . 


Annnnnd, lastly, a couple of great thrift finds worn once the sickies went away. One recent (the crescent moon print dress) and one that I found last year at a little charity shop in Sacramento (the coat). I am seriously in looooove with the dress.

Lastly, if you have noticed, my newest Look-Book, "Everyday Magic" is now posted on the site. It was inspired quite simply by the little things in life, the "everyday magic" we sometimes overlook, but when we slow down and allow ourselves to be present (instead of distracted and stressed to the nines) we get to marvel and wonder over. I hope you enjoy it! Many of the pieces are already available in my Etsy shop. Those that aren't yet will be in the next few weeks to come. 

Al righty, lots of jewelry work this week, lots of making and creating to do. If you like to see my daily work, remember you can always follow me/Tangleweeds over here on Instagram.

Have a fabulous week everyone!

Listening-Wearing-Making: The Jeans Edition

With the new year I've been listening to lots of new (to me) music, especially country. Leslie Stevens and the Badgers are more folky than country, so if you're a country hater, don't run away! You might like these guys. I stumbled upon them thanks to Jeff a week or so ago when he was playing some old iTunes playlists. I love Leslie Steven's girly but slightly gritty voice. 

Wearing . . . Lots of sweaters! This time of the year my studio gets pretty darn cold. Sometimes I'll even start the day in not one or two, but three sweaters layered over each other for warmth. This particular one I found on a recent thrifting excursion with my mom in Livermore. I fell in love with the leaf motif. 

Outfit details:
jeans - old (from UO - proof that every now and then I actually wear jeans)
sweater - Goodwill (in Livermore)
booties - Convert (a little show shop on 4th street in Berkeley)
earrings - Tangleweeds (the Falling Leaves design w/o the green only stones)
necklace - Tangleweeds (a single Drape style necklace in cream)

And making: This time of year, while I am working on jewelry for my spring time fairs and local shops, I'm mainly busy with taking and editing photos, updating my website and so forth and so on (and I'm not quite ready to share a lot of the new designs that won't be coming out until April-May.) So in lieu of new work, I thought I'd share a photo from my upcoming look book, Everyday Magic. I'm actually going to get this one printed, so I'm pretty excited about it!


I don't know about you guys, but this week has simply flown by for me and I still have so much left to do. Time to get re-priortized with the rest of the day!