Inspiration is So Easy to Find

Just popping over here to share some inspiring images. I was scrolling though old photos in my I-photo account and realized I have so so many photos that I've never shared over here. All of the photos in this post are from various places here in the bay area. I think my favorite is probably the simple beauty of the poppies and the nigella in the first photo. 

I'm prepping for the Whole Earth Festival in Davis this week, then after that I'll be taking a week off from work to pack and move. I am leaving my beloved Oakland to move to. . . Vallejo! Not far away, in fact close enough to keep my Oakland studio, at least until I decide if I'd rather move my studio back home or continue with it at it's current locale at the Hive in Oakland. 

For those of you who have offered your words of support through my housing crisis situation, thank you very much for all of the support! I am happy about where I'm headed. I'm ready to live somewhere quieter and more mellow for a bit, but still have one foot in this chaotically-beauitful city I love so much.