Full Circle ~ Doing the Work

The past week I've really hunkered down at my studio. I almost have no photos to share from non-Tangleweeds moments! Sometimes it gets like that, especially as I prepare to release a new collection, which (fingers crossed, in fact, if you're reading this, cross your fingers for me!) should be available by the end of this month. I'm shooting to time the release with the fall equinox.

In the meantime tho, I am having my annual fall sale in my Etsy shop through the rest of this month. Simply use the coupon code "fallequinox" and you'll receive 35% off your entire order! It's a great deal and a great way to get an early start on holiday gift shopping!

I hope everyone is having a lovely week! 'Til next time. . . 

(oh, and P.S. I've recently become obsessed with the Dear Sugar podcast and the corresponding collection of articles from back in the day when the column ran regularly. The title of this post comes from one of Cheryl Strayed's "themes" which is simply "you have to do the work." Meaning if you want to see the success you desire, whether you're rich or poor, busy or not, childless or have kids, etc, etc. you have to do the work to see real results. Hence the title "doing the work.")