Birthday Celebrations

Last week was my 35th birthday. It was full of flowers, cats, friends, good food, and time to just chill out. I'm feeling very grateful, if contemplative as I move into my 35th year. I recently picked up the book The Folded Clock (a diary-memoir of sorts) by Heidi Julavits and randomly flipped open to a spot ( I often do this when trying to decide if I actually want to buy the book). The spot I landed upon had Julavits reflecting on time and what time means to her now. As she exposits on time she starts to realize that the shortest period of time that really has any meaning to her is a month. A day goes by like a flash, a week fills up so quickly, but a month is where there is still some open expansiveness to what can be done, what can be accomplished. I am of course paraphrasing, but I definitely found myself relating to it quite heavily. 

That last photo is of Otis. On occasion he will sleep like this. I find it infinitely hilarious. It's like he's so tired he couldn't even take the time to lay his head down and instead just dropped it straight down the moment he curled up on the blanket. Now that the birthday celebrations have passed, I'm feeling a bit like this myself as I move into looking for a new place and preparing for an unintended move in the next month or two. Wish me luck! With rental prices continuing to sky rocket here in Oakland and the neighboring cities, there is a very real chance I'll be moving to the outskirts of the bay area. 

It's going to be an adventure. (I tell myself half-convincingly.)

Full Circle ~ Birthday Weekend!

My birthday was this past weekend. I turned 34! It all feels good, it all feels fine. I have slightly older friends who kind of hint at that I'm going to start freaking out once I hit 35. . . I'm sure there's some validity to all of that, but right now I feel good. I did have some BIG revelations around my birthday, things that sort of worked themselves out in my head in a rather unexpected way. That felt good and humbling. Humbling because sometimes you just keep pushing and pushing on something, trying to make your mind up about it. And you get stuck and in this place of limbo-indecision that feels like it'll never end. Finally, you get so exhausted by it all that you sort of just let go, and that's when the picture starts to get more clear and everything starts to make more sense. (Sorry to be a bit vague about the details, it's not something I want to share at this moment, but I will share at a later date and time when it's all sunk in a bit more for me. But I did want to share the process, as I think it's something one learns more and more with age.)

My actual birthday was on Saturday and was pretty mellow. Went to the farmer's market where my honey bought me a new piece of clothing from Susan Eastman (I love her stuff!), worked on a weaving project (the same one I've been working on a for a while. When it's finished I'll definitely share it here) and enjoyed some thai food from a favorite local Oakland spot for dinner. Then on Sunday I went out with my good friend, Alice and my sister for brunch, bowling and treasure hunting at Urban Ore in Berkeley. Sunday was really my version of the perfect weekend day!

And, of course, there was much jewelry making time in last week. Below, some snap-shots from the week's work. (And my safari-backyard-cat, Otis =)

I hope everyone's week is off to a great start! This is a capital "B" busy week for me. While I know it's gonna be a lot of work, I feel ready for it after a wonderful weekend!