Spring, Skirts, Bangles

This week's Listening, Wearing, Making. . . 

I've been obsessed with Buena Vista Social Club this week. There's something about their music that is pairing really well with the gorgeous spring weather we're having here in the bay area. 

Wearing. . . As I already mentioned the lovely spring weather, it's been calling for sandals and gypsy skirts. 


Making. . . Lots of bangles! I'm so glad to have bangle designs as part of the Tangleweeds collection finally. I love bangles myself and on the days when I put more thought into my dress I like to wear lots of them! The "clinky" sound they make is like music throughout the day.

My day is full-to-bursting, so I better hop on over the the workbench while it's still early. But you know I'll be heading outside for a lunch break just to soak up more of this beautiful weather!

How time flies. . . or listening, wearing, making

It was over a month ago that I posted last here at my new blog. And, yes, I have found a wonderful new hire (two actually!) I'm excited to take Tangleweeds to the next level, one where not everything falls on my shoulder all of the time. That can be one of the most daunting parts about entering into the world of working for yourself. . . But that is fodder for another blog post another time. 

I've been busy gearing up for my holiday fairs, spending time with family, and trying my best to take care of my physical, emotional, and mental health. It is one of those things that starts to slip when I get really busy (like during the holidays) and I am determined to give my body what it needs this time around.  

This post was meant to be my next "segment" of listening, wearing, making but here I am talking about the challenges of running my business. Obviously some posts about this are long over due! (That's also something that may change in the future. I'm looking to expand upon this blog with some regular features. Maybe a "running your own business, the challenges and the glories" is a good feature to consider.)   

But, without further adieu, here's my Listening, Wearing, and Making feature for the week:

Listening to. . . Sharon Van Etten's album, Tramp. Moody, some slightly dance-y songs. Keeping me motivated in the studio.

Wearing. . . mixed up patterns and textures. I suppose some people might call this "clashing" but I say ya just gotta be imaginative! 


Making. . . TONS of bangles. Bangles are new to the Tangleweeds collection and I couldn't be happier about it. Obviously I'm partial to these crescent moon ones. 


Lastly, I hope everyone is enjoying this time of year. The holidays always feel so special to me, even amidst the crazy-ness of rushed schedules. I'm already getting a start on my holiday prep, maybe you are too? I'll leave you with this: please feel free to use the coupon code "holidays2013" in my Etsy shop from now until the end of the year for 30% off your entire order. And remember to slow down and sip on some spiced egg nog sometime soon!