Welcome to the newly re-designed Tangleweeds shop! You can now easily shop by Collection, Category, or Metal Type. As well as the current collections, there are always new designs on the horizon so we hope you check back often for your next piece of everyday handmade adornment. Scroll down for more. . .


the summer collection

Inspired by the stones, inspired by the desert. A collection full of one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces perfect for livening up your summer wardrobe! From bumblebee jasper to sky blue amazonite to the earthy tones of jasper, there’s an array of beautiful stones and beautiful jewelry for you to choose from.

The Open Spaces Collection

Inspired by the ways we move and use our bodies. Wear these pieces when you want a bold but lightweight and effortless statement!

The Classics

This section includes all of the Tangleweeds designs you already know and love, as well as newer classics. Basically, everytime we create a new collection some of those designs are destined to become a Tangleweeds classic, while some designs are meant to be limited edition. A Tangleweeds classic is a piece of jewelry that embodies everyday beauty with an elegant yet rustic sensibility. We know you'll find something to love in this collection!

Sterling Silver

Shop this eco-friendly line of effortlessly beautiful designs made from recycled sterling silver. Our collectors asked for sterling silver and so we added it to the Tangleweeds line in 2018. We’re proud to say that this collection is made from 95% recycled metals, and all American made chains. You’ll see an assortment of classics and more statement-y pieces to choose from. We think you’ll enjoy these silver designs as much as our classic brass and copper pieces.

The Passages Collection

Inspired by the many passages in life - both the literal passageways we walk through daily, such as doorways and tunnels and life’s metaphors for passageways. From turning a new age to moving somewhere new, or simply taking on a new mindset about life! We all walk through countless passageways in this lifetime. We created these jewelry pieces to help you mark those moments by.

Shop By Category

Probably the easiest way to shop - by category! Here you’ll find all of the current Tangleweeds designs broken down into easy to shop from categories of adornment! From earrings to necklaces, hair barrettes and more. . . There’s even gift certificates for those moments when you aren’t sure what the perfect piece is for that someone special!

Shop By Metal Type

From the warm tones of copper to the luxury of sterling silver to the classic elegance of brass.
Shop the entire Tangleweeds collection by metal type.