Tangleweeds is magic in the everyday, It's finding that essential balance in life between beauty and practical. 


As a mostly self-taught artist, I am on a journey of creative and practical exploration. Gaining new skills goes hand-in-hand with the creative process. I started creating mostly beadwork pieces eight years ago and have slowly transitioned into primarily cold-forged metal-work jewelry. 

I strive to create pieces that are rustic and yet elegant, imbued with a touch of magic, perfect for everyday wear. Shapes are bold but simple, with hand wrought textures that lend the pieces an organic feel. I use semi-precious stones, vintage and recycled materials such as leather, lucite, and other

ephemera, and natural elements to accent my brass and steel designs. This eclectic use of materials reflects my daily and diverse sources of inspiration. My hope is that each new design echos the myriad ways the urban and natural environs intersect just outside my studio door. 

My desire, as I continue down this path with Tangleweeds, is to continue to create pieces that feel like something you wouldn't see just anywhere, but yet can be worn just as easily with jeans as a fancy dress for a night on the town. When I'm not sketching new jewelry designs or hand-crafting the many components that come together to create a piece of jewelry, I can be found in my vegetable garden at home, lounging with my boyfriend and two cats, enjoying a good book, or hanging out with friends and family.

- Jeannine