Just a few days left!

I just wanted to drop in at the blog today to remind those of you who haven't entered my March Giveaway for a $50 gift certificate to the Tangleweeds Etsy shop, you have until the end of the day Sunday the 15th! All you have to do is leave a comment on the original giveaway post over here. 

I'll be announcing the winner here on the blog on Monday the 16th. Good luck!

March Tangleweeds Giveaway

March is here! Wow, how the beginning of this year is flying by! I have to say I woke up pretty excited this morning, because I knew I'd be offering a new kind of giveaway to my wonderful customers: a $50 gift certificate to my Tangleweeds Etsy shop to use as you please. 

Some details: The $50 gift certificate can only be used for items currently listed in my Etsy shop (not at a local boutique and not for custom work.) You may use it to buy an item for less than $50, in which case you will have an available left over credit with Tangleweeds until June 30th. You may also use the gift certificate towards an item for more than $50, in which case you will owe Tangleweeds the difference. Lastly, the certificate will expire on June 30th. 

For this giveaway, as always, I simply ask that you leave a comment on this blog post. This time around I'm gonna be a little selfish: tell me what it is about Tangleweeds jewelry that you love! Always good to get some feedback on my work, as an artist it's all too easy to get trapped in your own whirling thoughts.

I'll announce the randomly chosen winner on Monday the 16th. Feel free to spread the word about this giveaway to your fellow friends and family. And good luck!

Full Circle - Learning Curve

I'm working on new line-sheets this week for a tradeshow that's coming up fast (this weekend!) I'm not the most adept user of photoshop, so I sat down with Jeff and he showed me quicker ways of doing what I usually do. Man, was I making my work so much harder than it needed to be! 

Also, I'll announce the winner of the giveaway tomorrow. I didn't realize that today is a holiday for most folks until this morning, so I figure more people will be around on the inter webs tomorrow. So, check back then =). 

A little run down of the above photos (top to bottom):

1. my brass bead stash
2. patterns and textures: two essential ingredients to my wardrobe
3. Todos Organics infused cocunt oils. Soooooo good for the skin!
4. Arlo, lazing in the sun. (Yes, that's a wound on his forehead. He got in a pretty nasty cat fight a week ago. He's healing up nicely tho!)
5. Otis, lounging in the backyard with his brother.
6. my current weaving project. I'm working some driftwood into this one. I'm curious to see where I go with this one.
7. Some new designs! I really want to get these in the Etsy shop this week, but reality and my schedule may dictate next week. I'll post here when they go live!


Full Circle - Back to the Workbench

Last week, was, well, just really really busy. After a week off sick I had so much to catch up on! Honestly, I'm still catching up on all of it, so I'll keep this post short and sweet. (See below for picture details.)

1. Some of my Geometry hoops, fresh off the workbench. 
2. A new-to-me floral dress found at a thrift shop. My floral dress collection is kind of exploding!
3. Messy workbench.
4. A shot from my newest look-book, Everyday Magic.
5. Jewelry headed to the local shop, Oak Common.
6. One of my favorite handmade jewelry pieces from An Astrid Endeavor.
7. Lastly, tea and trains with my nephews this weekend. A fun way to end the week!

I hope everyone's week is off to a great start. Don't forget to enter my contest for my last pair of Singularity earrings over here!

Tangleweeds Giveaway - Singularity Earrings

It's been a few months since I've offered a contest giveaway here on the blog. So, it's time to bring them back! (Monthly, is the goal this year.) For February's giveaway I'll be offering up a pair of my hand-forged Singularity earrings. Whoever wins this giveaway will be receiving my LAST pair of these!

As I mentioned in a post  a couple weeks back I'll be discontinuing a few designs this month. I have several reasons for doing this. There's a fine balancing act when you're a small business owner making the product that you sell. I'll be rolling out a lot of new designs this year, and I can't possibly keep up with the making of all of them if I don't whittle the selection down a bit. Also, some of the designs I'll be discontinuing I've been making for quite sometime now, and in the interest of my creative muse I'd rather not make more of them. And, lastly, some designs have simply ebbed in popularity as is want to happen. 

As Tangleweeds continues to grow, knowing when to say "no" or to not do something will be just as important as knowing when to leap or say "yes."

On to the giveaway details! For those of you who would like to enter, simply leave a little comment here on the blog. I'm gonna go with a new year's theme with this one: In your comment mention something about your goals for the new year. I love hearing about what others hope to manifest in 2015!

I'll pick a winner right around Valentine's day and announce it here on the blog and on Instagram on the 16th. Have a wonderful week!